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Products and Services
Sustainability and Green Technologies

With increasing prices and a down economy Green Technology is becoming a major focus for many companies looking to lower energy costs and help clean up the environment. Advances in recent technology have allowed us to work more efficiently without having to increase demand on power.

The typical desktop PC wastes more than half of the power it draws from a power outlet. Servers typically waste 30-40% of the power they consume. This energy is wasted as heat. As a result, offices, homes, and data centers have increased demands on air conditioning which in turn increases energy requirements and associated costs.

By increasing the effectiveness of power-management features in computers as well as implementing these features and aggressive power-management policies, the average business desktop can save 60% of the electricity consumed, with no compromise to productivity. These results combat climate change and cut costs.

Purple Genie Inc can help you make your business operate more efficiently and help save you money in the process. Let us help your company Go Green.

Purple Genie is pleased to announced that Helen Manalili has joined our team to head Purple Genie’s Inventory Management, Auditing and Reporting Services.  Helen brings over twenty years of experience and industry contacts to help strengthen this woman-owned business.  Helen was formerly the owner of S&H Inventory Services of Toms River, New Jersey.  We are excited and welcome her to this innovative team!

Company Overview

Core Competencies

World class enterprise information technology solution provider of:

  • Cloud computing (On premise vs. off premise)
  • Virtualization
  • Data center consolidations
  • Green IT and Sustainability
  • ERP architecture, design and implementations
  • IT quality process re-engineering

Sample Industries

  • Financial services
  • Entertainment
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Insurance
  • Not for profit
  • Retail and fashion
  • Professional services

Noteworthy Clients

  • J. Crew - Architected and implemented SAP (ERP) solution
  • The Stonewall Foundation - Implemented a managed services work environment
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Association (FINRA)High end server architecture and deployment
  • Citigroup – Data center move and implementatio
  • J. P. Morgan/Chase  – Oracle/Sun Java upgrade and implementation
  • The Trevor Project – Current implemtaion of a hybrid cloud/managed services environment
  • UBS – Virtualized server and thin client desktop environment


  • 27 years in the information technology arena
  • Quality solutions by people who care
  • Purple Genie meets difficult challenges head on.
  • We stay within your budget, scope and costs
  • Purple Genie eliminates the frustration and expense from having to do it yourself
  • Our team has advanced technology certifications to ensure we bring you the answers you are expecting.
  • Plans to open offices in Washington DC, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Singapore and Buenos Aires
  • 100% wholly-owned U.S. Veteran woman owned small business


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